Are You A Root Canal First Timer?

A root canal treatment is suggested by dentists when a tooth becomes infected and decayed. During this procedure, the pulp, nerve, and the inside of a tooth is siphoned out and sealed.

If a patient doesn’t get this treatment done, the infection may engulf the surrounding tooth and gum tissues and abscesses may form.

If you are going to get a root canal procedure for the first time, read this blog to know what to expect.

How Painful Is a Root Canal?

As a root canal procedure involves removing live tissue, it is natural for it to be slightly uncomfortable. However, this is now reduced with the help of local anesthesia and sedatives to calm down the patient dentist rockville md.

What Should One Expect After?

Your tooth may feel sensitive due to the tissue inflammation for the first few days following the treatment. You can experience soreness especially if you felt pain or had infection before the treatment. You can easily control the hypersensitivity and pain with ibuprofen medicines.

Until your procedure is complete, this is to say when the filling is in the place, it is best to minimize chewing and spitting. This will help re-contamination of your gums and teeth. Also, it will reduce the chances of the hollow tooth to break and fall off.

You can brush and floss regularly. Make sure that you are gentle on the affected area. In addition to that, you can also see your dentist at your usual schedule.

How Successful Are Root Canals?

This procedure has more than 95% success rate. It is reported that many teeth which are fixed with a root canal procedure can last a lifetime if they are properly taken care of.

The final step of this procedure involves restorative step such as application of crowns or fillings. This conceals the fact that a root canal procedure was performed and your pearly whites do not look deformed.

Complications of a Root Canal

The most common complications of a root canal procedure include infections in case the dentist failed to seal the tooth properly.

Breakdown of inner sealing allows bacteria inside the tooth cavity, resulting in a renewed cycle of inflammation and infection.

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