Dental Care Routine 101

You may think you know everything about brushing and flossing techniques, but think again. Understanding the basics of dental care is an intricate job, and without having the proper knowledge, you may wound up doing more harm than good.

Your smile depends upon these dental care habits, so make sure you are following the tips listed below right.

Brushing for oral health

Oral care begins with clean teeth. Make sure that keep the region where your gums meet your teeth clean in order to prevent gum diseases. Consider these three brushing basics if you aim to ward off cavities:

Use the proper equipment

Use soft bristled tooth brush and a fluoride tooth paste for brushing. Consider getting an electric or battery operated toothbrush which can help reduce mild dental concerns such as plaque and gingivitis.

Practice good technique

Keep your brush at the right angle of your teeth and move your wrist in an up and down motion in order to clean dental ridges effectively. Ensure that you use your brush inside, outside, and on the chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Keep your equipment clean

Make it a habit to rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with water, and store it in an upright position. Allow it to air dry, if possible. Make sure you coverit before storing so as to avoid bacterial growth.

Flossing for oral health

It is not possible for your manual, and even battery operated brush, to reach tight spaces between your teeth. This is why daily flossing is important. When you floss, keep in mind that you:

Don’t skimp

Take about 18 inches of dental floss and wind most of it around the middle finger of one hand, and the remaining around the middle finger of remaining hand. Make sure that you grip the floss tightly.

Be gentle

Ensure that you don’t snap the floss onto your gums, as it will cause you to bleed and can result in inflamed gums.

Take it one tooth at a time

Slide the floss in the space between your teeth and gum, and use up and down motion to cleanse. Unwind fresh floss as you proceed forward.

As long as you are doing a thorough job of cleaning your teeth, it doesn’t matter if you floss or brush first. For more information on comprehensive dental care, please contact us by clicking here and consult an experienced dentist at Advanced Dental Center Georgetown dentist.

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