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Dental Implants Procedure and Recovery

Answer from heaven, or say science, to your loss of tooth due to any reason, either an accident or tooth decay is Dental Implants.

Technology has evolved immensely, providing us better dental treatment solutions with every passing day. In the past dentures or bridges were the only top solutions available, today technology has provided us with better solutions in the form of Dental implants.

Procedure of Dental Implants

The procedure involves removal of the natural structure of the target tooth–below and above the surface—and replacing it with a screw and a cap. The cap is made identical to match your natural neighboring tooth. Dental Implants can be implemented to healthy gums only as the structure needs a strong base to keep it in place.

How Are They Better?

Unlike dentures or bridges, Dental Implants can actually last you a lifetime. In case of any mishap that might occur to your implant only the cap needs to be replaced. Since there are roots left in your tooth structure, there is no worry of them affecting the fallout of tooth. There have been cases where Dental Implants lasted a lifetime with causing any issues whatsoever.

Recovery from Dental Implants

It totally depends on the individual who has this procedure and number of teeth affected. In case of little or no grafting, patients can continue to live normally without feeling any pain post-operation. But considering the fact that you had a dentist poking in your gums and an unnatural thing fitted in your mouth, a little discomfort and slight pain is only befitting for a few days.

Just like natural teeth, regular maintenance is required for your Dental Implants but no more worrying about root canals or cavity as they are not natural and do not entertain such cavity problems!

How Successful Are Dental Implants?

The success rate of Dental Implants has been recorded as 98.4 percent. Although very efficient, the lasting of Dental Implants relies solely on how well you care for you implants just like any other dental procedure.

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