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Denture Care 101: How To Extend The Performance And Life of Your False Teeth

Dentures may comprise of false teeth, but they too require proper care and maintenance for a long-term benefit. The teeth may be false but are susceptible to dirt, stains and debris.

If dentures are not maintained properly, they not only lose their functionality, but also cause damage to your teeth. Here is a list of unwanted effects of poorly maintained dentures;

  • Irritation in tissues
  • Difficulties in biting and chewing
  • Loose fit, dentures keep getting out of place
  • Inflammation in gums
  • Wear and tear due to excessive usage
  • Sores in mouth

To avoid all these effects and to prolong the life of your dentures, here are some important tips.

Denture Removal And Placement

If you are getting dentures, it is likely that you have tooth loss or damage. This means you’re dealing with sensitive gums. Exerting pressure on it may cause pain and irritation.

Make sure you follow the procedure outlined by your dentist for denture insertion and removal. Needless to say, avoid using excessive amount of pressure for denture placement or removal.


It will take some time before adapting to your new dentures. Don’t start right off with hard foods, eat soft foods and chew form the both sides.

It is also recommended that you use your natural tooth for biting; this practice will ensure a long denture life.

Night Rituals

Make a habit of cleaning your dentures on a regular basis before going to bed. These might be artificial teeth but still require cleaning for long and better functionality.

After removal, wash them in a liquid soap using a soft tooth brush. Then keep them in a cold water cup, or let them dry.

This provides ample amount of rest to your mouth, and an easy way to protect denture from damage, as many people grind their teeth in sleep. 

Daily Maintenance

Avoid using regular toothpaste to clean your dentures; instead, use liquid soap or denture paste.

Even after regular washing, you may see plaque accumulation on your dentures. Use 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water solution. Soak the dentures in this solution, and rinse it thoroughly before usage. If the problem persists, consult with your dental clinic.

Before placing the denture inside your mouth, thoroughly clean your tongue, palate, and gums with a soft brush. This cleaning provides blood circulation and removes traces of germs and plaque.

Don’t Ignore The Sores

You might need adjustments if you face mouth soreness from denture usage. Don’t try to perform adjustment yourself.

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