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How Often You Should Take Your Children To The Dentist?

Kids and dentist have a complicated relationship; kids need to be introduced to their dentist at an early age, in order to develop a positive relationship and prevent teeth damage. 

So When Do You Take Your Kid To The Dentist?

According to the American Dental Association, with the eruption of a child’s first tooth, a dentist visit is due.

The dentist may recommend a follow-up plan designed for your child’s need, but usually a visit is required in every six months. This schedule ensures long-term dental health.

The First Visit – What To Expect?

Your child will be accustomed to the dentist office setting; early familiarity with the procedures and dentist language may help manage a child’s fear.

Moreover, an early start can provide you with proper guidance for your child’s dental health. You can know about the frenum issues, bottle carries, and other problems that may cause teeth or speech damage.

Continual visits to the dentist may prevent many dental problems for your child.

Tooth Decay Prevention

As the child starts getting older, they are more susceptible to dental decay. If you have a good follow-up program with your dentist, identify and prevent the decay in time. Some parents neglect cavities in the milk teeth, as they are bound to fall out.

But these baby teeth pave the way for permanent teeth; if they grow in an area previously infected by bacteria, it can be painful and damaging in the long run.

Teeth Development

To ensure proper teeth development, the dentist might recommend fluoride solutions. This will give your child happy healthy teeth from the very beginning.

Dental visits are a necessity for your child’s long-term dental health. Visit to a dentist twice a year may seem excessive when your child’s teeth seem perfectly fine, but there are many underlying infections and teeth deformation that only a dentist can see.

So, teach your child the importance of dental hygiene at an early age and ensure timely visits to the dentist.

Is Your Child Brushing His / Her Teeth?

Make sure that your child is brushing his/her teeth for almost two minutes.

Each tooth must be cleaned using a soft bristle brush in a circular motion. The solution used should be rich in fluoride and should be spit rather than rinsed with water. This retains the fluoride content ensuring healthier teeth.

Moreover, limit the intake of sugary and fizzy drink as they are a high contributor to enamel destruction. Teaching your child of proper dental hygiene at an early age ensures healthier teeth and gums.

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