Tips For Children with Braces

If your child or younger sibling have just gotten their braces and are still a little nervous about this new addition to their mouth, you have to make the process as comfortable for them as possible.

Tips for Children with Braces

In general, braces can hurt initially, and it usually takes some time for children and adults to get used to them. However, while getting familiar with having braces is already quite challenging, the real struggle is to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Although adults usually have a better idea of how they need to brush their teeth and use floss with their braces on, it’s the children who need additional guidance and help.

Keep reading to learn about Advanced Dental Center’s tips for children with braces.

Advanced Dental Center’s Tips for Children with Braces

Advanced Dental Center’s Tips for Children with Braces


Brush and Floss Using the Right Tools

As soon as a child gets their braces installed or tightened, they almost always complain about pain in their teeth. Since it can take from a few hours to even multiple days for the pain to subside, it is common for a child to be reluctant about brushing their teeth during this period.

However, since brushing daily helps control oral bacteria, which is crucial for dental hygiene and healing, your responsibility is to ensure your child brushes and flosses without too much discomfort.

For this, it is important to use the right type of equipment that is designed for people with braces and approved by the child’s dentist.

For instance, find a small-headed, soft-bristled brush. This will help ensure that the already sore gums take no damage from brushing and only the teeth are cleaned without affecting the braces.

Avoid Certain Types of Food

The second step is to ensure that the child’s diet does not impact their oral comfort or braces. For instance, if your child loves chewing gum or eating sticky candies like taffy, it can create a huge problem if they have braces.

The chewy and sticky candy can get stuck between the braces and its wire and the child’s teeth. This can lead to another expensive visit to the dentist, or the child might feel intense if you try to clean out their braces and teeth yourself.

Instead, prepare warm, soft, and highly nutritious foods that can improve the healing process, help maintain oral hygiene, and make the overall experience less painful.

Visit a Dentist When Experiencing Any Pain

Finally, if your child is still complaining about dental pain or discomfort, despite your efforts, it is best to schedule a visit to a professional dentist as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

If your child has recently gotten their braces, it is important that you guide them regarding how they can maintain their dental hygiene and prevent cavities.

By choosing Germantown dentists, your child will benefit from the center’s well-trained staff and highly advanced dental equipment.

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