What Are The Common Types Of Crowns Available?

Dental crowns are basically tooth-shaped caps that are placed onto the surface of the tooth to restore its shape, size and wellbeing by keeping it covered. When crowns are applied to the tooth, they fully cover the visible part that lies over the gums.

The primary purpose of applying crowns is to protect a weak tooth, restore a broken tooth, hold a dental bridge, cover an existing dental implant, or to simply make a cosmetic alteration.

There are different types of dental crowns available in the market that are ideal for varying needs and are applied after thorough analysis of each patient’s case. Listed below are some of the most common ones:

Types of Dental Crowns

Stainless Steel Crowns

These are prefabricated crowns that are applied onto permanent teeth for a temporary period of time. This crown protects the tooth or the filling within; whereas, permanent crowns are made up of a different material. Covering the entire tooth, stainless steel crowns prevent further tooth decay. They are more suited for children as they don’t require multiple dental visits and hence, are cheap and convenient.

Metal Crowns

Crowns are often made using gold, palladium, nickel and chromium alloys. Relative to other alternatives, metal crowns require less removal of the tooth, while keeping wear and tear of the adjacent teeth to a minimum. Metal crowns are also highly durable and have a great tenacity to withstand chewing and biting. However, since the color of metal crowns makes them quite evident, they are best suited for hidden molars.

All-Resin Crowns

Resin crowns are relatively inexpensive but easily wear down over time as fractures and cracks start appearing in them.

Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crowns

Unlike metallic crowns, these crowns can be colored to match the adjoining teeth to allow for a more natural appearance. However, with this option, you may face relatively more wear and tear of the adjacent teeth. Moreover, the porcelain part of the crown can also wear down with time. All in all though, they are a good choice for front teeth as the crown blends well with the other teeth.

Zirconia & Milled Crowns

These crowns are digitally constructed n a dental lab that’s fully equipped with required software and hardware. Dental labs are often capable of producing this crown in a single visit without the need for a temporary one and the best part about Zirconia & Milled crowns is that they do not need an impression.

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