What is the Connection Between Oral Health and a Stroke?

How Can Poor Oral Health Cause a Stroke?

A stroke can directly impact a person’s mobility, breathing, and can even lead to temporary or permanent memory loss, not to mention death.

While most people link strokes to other diseases, not many know or understand how poor oral health and hygiene can lead to a stroke.

Keep reading to learn how poor oral health is related to strokes and which dental services at Advanced Dental Center can help you avoid such outcomes.

How Can Poor Oral Health Cause a Stroke?

One of the most active parts of a human body is the oral cavity. The mouth is constantly producing enzyme-rich saliva to help break down food, maintain the pH, and regulate the oral cavity.

Moreover, while you can only see a set of hard boney teeth, there’s so much more beneath the surface. There is an extensive network of capillaries that run under these teeth.

Usually, poor oral health can cause a stroke in two ways;

  • If a person does not brush their teeth regularly or neglects using a high-quality mouthwash, bacteria can start building up inside the mouth.
    • If you receive a cut to the mouth, the bacteria can use that passage to enter the bloodstream.
    • When this happens, the inflammation in the blood will cause the blood to clot.
    • If the clots are big enough, they can block a critical vein or artery and can limit the flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the heart and brain.
  • The second way this can happen is when a person has gum disease.
    • If the gum disease is not treated on time, it can lead to inflammation and bone loss, increasing the chances of a stroke, a heart attack, and even diabetes.

Which Dental Services at Advanced Dental Center Can Reduce Your Chances of a Stroke?

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If your oral health puts you at a greater risk of having a stroke, visit a Germantown dentist for the following treatments:

Final Thoughts – Visit Germantown Dentists For a Checkup!

A stroke is a terrible medical event that can lead to severe consequences in both the short and long term. The best thing you can do is reduce your risk of having one, and taking care of your dental health is one way to go about that.

To schedule your appointment with a highly qualified Germantown dentist, visit Advanced Dental Center’s official website now!

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