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Why Kids’ Dental Visits Don’t Have To Be Scary Anymore

Are your children afraid of going to the dentist? You’re not alone. Around 10% of children and younger people in America have dental anxiety, leading them to miss dental appointments, which negatively affects their oral hygiene.

It isn’t a surprise that kids hate going to the dentist. Firstly, children don’t like getting spoken to and handled by unfamiliar faces, and secondly, there is always the fear of injection and other dentistry equipment.

If you’re facing the same situation, here’s all you need to know about managing dental anxiety.

How to Help Your Child Deal With Dental Anxiety

Here are a few tips for taking children to the dentist.

Find a Pediatric Dentist or Visit Your Family Dentist

Firstly, find a pediatric dentist as they undergo two extra years of training dealing with a child’s oral care. If you can’t find them, consider taking your kids to your family doctor, who can understand their nervousness and discuss it with them.

Someone who wants to rush you through the process and carry out the procedure while your kids are anxious is not someone you should be concerning yourself with. Instead, find someone who caters to their liking and is gentle enough to keep them comfortable.

Offer a Simple Explanation About Your Dentist Visit

Parents need to prepare their kids on why they are visiting their dentist. Children should never be surprised about the visit and should know the purpose of going to the doctor. If it’s just a regular check-up, you need to tell them it’s just to ensure their oral hygiene is in top condition.

If you are going for a particular treatment, such as fluoride treatment, teeth whitening, or a root canal, you need to explain it to them properly to avoid any negative feelings. You need to enforce positive feelings towards visiting the dentist to make your kids more accommodating towards them.

A dentist explaining a dental procedure to a child

Arrive Early

If it’s your kid’s first visit, arrive early at the clinic. It will help them relax and familiarize themselves with the environment. It will also increase their chances of having a smooth procedure.

Validate Their Feelings

Of course, your child is nervous and anxious about their appointment. It’s important to recognize and validate their feelings of nervousness and anxiety. You need to ensure they understand that you know how nervous they feel. Maybe tell them how scared you used to be of dentists’ appointments when you were a child. And let them know that visiting the dentist help with maintaining oral hygiene.

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How often you should take your children to the dentist is a question every new parent struggles with. Research suggests that you should take your child to the dentist within six months of the first tooth, followed by appointments every six months.

Your child is more likely to keep going to their dentist as an adult if they go to the dentist often and have good experiences at a young age.

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