5 Key Points to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Dentist

Some of us find visits to dentist so daunting that we skip it altogether.

Whether you’re looking for a dentist for the first time or for specific dental procedure, it is essential to look for an experienced dentist as it can have a lifelong impact on your oral and overall health.

When it comes to oral care, it is vital to visit the same dentist regularly. As this helps build a relationship overtime. Dentist would understand your problems better and know how well to treat based on your individual needs.

Here is what you should look for when looking for a dentist:

Aim for Convenience

Look for a dentist close to your home, work or even your child’s school. Consider factors such as their office hours and your own schedule.

Do they offer morning and evenings? Is their timing convenient for you?

A big part of maintaining oral health is to be able to show-up for your dentist appointment. Wouldn’t it be much easier to pop over for your dentist appointment during your lunch hour or right after you’ve dropped off your child?

Feedback & Consultation

Who could possibly know a dentist better than their patients? Ask your trusted circle for a referral. If not, check websites and social media pages to for feedback. If the feedback is positive, you’d know you are headed in the right direction.

Finally, also set up a consultation. The best way to gauge a dentist is by visiting them for a consultation. Do they listen to you? Are they compassionate/empathetic? Do they understand your condition? Do they have experience dealing with something similar?

Emergency Care

Does your dentist offer emergency care or refer you somewhere else? You should be able to rely on dentist for dental care in case of emergencies. Find out what happens if you have an emergency during office hours, weekends or at night.

You should be able to contact your dentist at any given time through any answering service including cell phone, landline or pager.

Cost & Insurance Policy

Finding out if the practice accepts your insurance claim is important. It lowers your expense and makes the whole dental procedure more convenient. Do they accept your insurance claims? Often insurance plans require referrals from dentist for specialist, does this practice offers that?

If you don’t have dental insurance, consider finding out if the practice offers financing options including credit card or payment plans.

Cost of a treatment greatly varies for each case. Ask your dentist about the cost of your treatment. It’s possible that even with insurance, you will be paying part of the cost yourself.

Personal Comfort

Evaluate your relationship with your dentist after your consultation and ask yourself if you’re comfortable with them.

Were you able to ask all questions? Was the staff eager to answer your queries openly? Do you feel your dentist cares for your concerns and listens to you? Will you be able to share your anxieties?

It’s important to form a relationship with the dentist in order to have a comfortable procedure.

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