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Common Misconceptions Regarding Root Canal Treatment

When an infection gets into a tooth’s pulp, a dentist performs a dental treatment called a root canal treatment to save the tooth. The root canal procedure preserves not only the affected tooth but also the surrounding teeth from decay and infection.

Root canals aren’t terrifying, but the prospect of needing one is enough to put off most individuals. Numerous misconceptions on the internet or people with bad experiences have made root canals sound far more terrifying than they actually are. Ask any of our dentists in Germantown!

However, many people put off seeking necessary dental care because they fear the pain of a root canal, even though putting it off is likely to be more excruciating.

Our Germantown dentists want you to feel more at ease during your dental checkups, so they’ve chosen to dispel some common misconceptions about root canals.

  •  A Root Canal Is An Excruciating Treatment

There was validity to the statement that getting a root canal was excruciatingly painful back in the day, but not anymore. Considering how much more potent anesthetics and cutting-edge medical equipment are these days, it’s easy to disprove such a misconception. In fact, getting a root canal is about as unpleasant as getting a filling.

  •  A Root Canal Treatment Is Expensive  

Root canals are a complicated procedure requiring advanced dental training and technology. Yet, not every root canal will set you back a substantial fortune. It’s possible to get a reasonably priced root canal procedure, with the range depending on the patient’s location and preferred dentist and clinic.

Here at Advanced Dental Care, we provide our patients with various payment and insurance plans that offer reasonable monthly payment options, no additional charges or penalties, and no yearly fees.

  •  A Root Canal Treatment Is a Very Time-Consuming Process

The time needed to perform a root canal has been drastically shortened due to technological advances in the dental field. Depending on the tooth decay or damage severity, you may only need one or two visits to finish your treatment, and you’re good to go.

  •  A Root Canal Treatment Can Cause Illnesses

Some individuals think that the bacteria in your mouth can go to the rest of your body through the empty spaces where your teeth used to be. This is a completely false belief. Root canals have never been linked to any illness, and there is no reason to believe they would be.

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Don’t fall prey to the misconceptions regarding root canal treatment that has been floating around. The technique is non-invasive and painless and may be the best solution to cope with toothache and infection.

Contact Advanced Dental Center if you’re looking for a dental care facility that offers root canals in Germantown. We provide various dental services, including cosmetic and family dentistry solutions.

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