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Hack Your Way Into Raising Kids With Good Oral Habits

As parents, you’re concerned about their first bike ride, their first day at school and the first time you hand them a toothbrush.

But after some time, kids begin to view brushing their teeth as a boring task. Unfortunately, by this time, they are old enough to get their hands on anything and everything sweet and sticky.

This is why it is important to develop these good oral habits young—but what do you do if you have to carry them kicking and screaming to the toilet twice a day?

You hack your way through it.

To make this journey smooth for you, we have put together some ways you can get your little one to the washroom without it being a battle of wills.

The First Tooth…

For the initial 6 months, the teeth of a child develop and they must have a diet rich in calcium and ingredients that are good for dental health.
Visit your dentist as soon as your child’s first tooth emerges. The earlier you start with dental care, the farther it will go. After this visit, develop the habit of getting a checkup done every 6 months. You’re making dental health a priority for your child.

When They Get Older…

This is when you need to make sure they can brush their teeth by themselves. To do this, you can begin with some simple steps:

Make it fun

Let your children take the lead. Instead of asking them to take a toothbrush, buy a few extra ones and let them choose which one they want. You’re making it a game.
Every three months, they get to choose which one to keep and toss out the old one.


This may not be the most fun exercise, but in the long-term, it is the most important.
What you can do is look up shows and books aimed at children to educate them about dental health. These will be fun enough to keep your children’s attention and educate them at the same time. Remember this guidance will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Show and Tell

Children copy what you do more than what you say. Make it a habit to brush with them and let them learn by example.
Ask your dentist when your children should begin flossing. Then start them off with floss picks for easy flossing and do this with them. This way, you can monitor their habits as well.

Health Risk Awareness

Don’t scare your children into brushing their teeth. Make them aware of the health risks associated with a poor oral health. Discuss things like bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and teeth loss.
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