Dealing with Bad Breath

Bad breath is a serious issue. Not only does it bother the person suffering from it, but it puts off other people in the vicinity as well. Also known as Halitosis, it usually occurs as a result of poor oral health habits but it can also be an indicator of other health issues. The best way to deal with bad breath is to go to an expert dental technician.

Common Causes

1. Diet

‘You are what you eat.’ While many people doubt whether it is really the case or not, we firmly believe that a person’s oral health depends heavily on the type of food that he consumes along with other factors. Everything that we eat starts breaking down in our mouth. When food is digested, it eventually enters our bloodstream and is carried to the lungs. So, you end up breathing out the odor of the diet that you consumed.

Foods with stronger odors like garlic and onions make your breath stink for as long as the food remains in your bloodstream.

2. Poor Oral Care Habits

People who do not brush or floss their teeth on a regular basis allow bacteria to grow between their teeth, around the gums and on the tongue by letting the food particles remain in their mouths. This ends up causing bad breath. Proper cleaning and frequent use of antibacterial mouth rinse can help in reducing said bacteria and thus eliminate odor.

People who smoke on a regular basis or are into tobacco chewing are more prone to having bad breath. Not only this but they also have stained teeth and irritated gums.

3. Associated Health Problems

Constant bad breath may be a forewarning of periodontal gum disease, which is caused by plaque buildup on the teeth. Bacteria result in the formation of toxic substances inside the mouth which cause irritation in the gums. If this situation is left untreated, it can harm the jawbone and gums.

Low quality dental appliances can also give rise to bad breath in the patient they are treated with.  Additionally, cavities and yeast infections are also some of the main culprits behind Halitosis.

The saliva in our mouth has a very important role in maintaining our oral health. It keeps our mouths moist and neutralizes the acids that are produced by plaque. Saliva also washes away all the dead cells that may accumulate on our tongues, cheeks and gums. When they are not removed due to a condition called dry mouth, you can get bad breath. Many people suffer from dry mouth after they take certain medication, if they breathe through the mouth or suffer from salivary gland problems.

Other underlying diseases that may be causing bad breath include: respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis, postnasal drip, chronic sinus infections, chronic acid reflux, diabetes, and liver or kidney problems.


  1. Fix your diet. Try eating things that do not have a strong odor.
  2. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily. Scrape your tongue every time you brush your teeth as it does not let bacteria rest on your tongue that may cause your breath to smell.
  3. If your diet is already free of food that may result in bad breath and you have proper oral hygiene habits then chances are that this issue is a little deeper than it seems. There may be other health problems associated with it. The best way to go about it is to see a trusted dentist immediately. We help our patients at the Advanced Dental Center in Germantown and provide them with the best dental services in the area.

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