Why People Hate Dentists? (Part 2)

We hope you enjoyed reading the last part of ‘Why People Hate Dentists’, apparently there are so many interesting reasons that we had to put together another blog for you! We talked about all the drilling, the pain, and the invasiveness of the procedures and of course all the anxiety behind everything in the last blog. This time we are going to be talking about more specific reasons and we’re certain that you’ll be able to relate to at least some of them.

#6-The Smells And Sounds

The anxiousness and fear behind visiting a dentist for most people, is also accompanied by a red-alert on all their senses. This is why majority of people report hating the antiseptic smell of the dentist’s office and also the drilling sounds that are all around. In fact, the squeaking noise of a dental chair also creeps some people out.

#7-The Costs

What is pocket change to one person could be an astronomical fee to another. Not everyone can afford basic dental care and on the other hand, not many people value it as much as they should. Dental procedures can be quite expensive at times and majority of people just hate spending their hard earned money on getting their teeth fixed. This is yet another reason why many people end up hating dentists and dental procedures.

#8-The Agonizing Lectures

People who are already embarrassed about their dental situations end up feeling even guilty when they have to face an hour long lecture from their dentists. People don’t like to be scolded or run over by irrelevant facts right before an invasive and uncomfortable treatment. Many dentists fail to understand this or they fail to put the lecture into caring words. This also makes it to our list as another reason why people hate dentists.

#9-Annoying Service

According to many dentist-haters, ‘Everything is 100% and the ‘best quality’ until you walk in!’ This obviously has a lot to do with the brand reputation and integrity. For a majority of people, if they don’t walk out of the dentist’s clinic happier, smiling, and healthier, they feel they didn’t really get what they paid for. This is just another reason why most of them hate on their dentists.

#10-All the Painful Things to Remember

The pain and agony experienced at a dental clinic, especially at a young age can leave people traumatized and unwilling to visit the dentist even when they grow up. It is undoubtedly hard to let go of a bad experience at the dentist’s. Although this is ranked at #10, this is one of the most obvious reasons why a good amount of people hate going to the dentist!

We hope you enjoyed reading our compilations of the top reasons why people hate dentists. If you are looking forward to a goo dental experience where you don’t need to come up with any of the reasons given here, remember to call us up for the best quality Germantown Dental services! Contact us today!

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