Go Easy on The Holiday Candies With These Tips

Holidays are in full swing and you can’t help but stuff yourself with mouth watering desserts and candies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Thanks to the efforts of our teachers, parents, and dentists, most of us are well aware of the pivotal role sugary substances play in tooth decay. Consuming unmonitored sugars will not only lead to tooth decay, but it can also give way to gum diseases as well.

However, you can avoid disturbing your oral health AND indulge your sweet tooth just by following the guidelines listed below.

Brush Often

As elementary as it is, most adults can’t find time to brush their teeth properly. And by that, we mean three minutes of continuous, methodical brushing. If you are spending your holidays away from home, or you’re a busy adult running a holiday house, make sure you have your toothbrush in your hand-carry at all times. Don’t resort to the ones you have access to in hotel rooms; not all of them are of good quality, and will not offer you the thorough brushing that your pearly whites – and gums – need.

Change your Toothbrush

If you eat a lot of sweets and desserts, you are at the risk of forming more plaque than an average person. This is because plaque builds up in a carb-rich environment. Your toothbrush will wear out sooner than standard 3 months, and will not be able to clean properly. Look for toothbrushes with diamond shaped head and double action bristles. They are able to reach all the nooks and crannies of your mouth.

Make Friends with Mouthwash

You can also use a mouthwash every time you consume candies. Mouthwashes helps remove sticky residue from chewy candies, as alcohol in the formula dissolves the sugar component. Some mouthwashes are enriched with fluoride, which is ideal for strengthening your teeth whitening treatment.

Choose Less Sugary Snacks

Crunchy fruits such as apples are an ideal way of satisfying the urge of consuming sugary foods. But for those who don’t want to substitute a pear for a brownie, there are still some ways you can cut down on carbs. For instance, opting for plain donut instead of rich taffy will result in manageable plaque in your mouth.

The key to put a stop on cavities after enjoying carb-rich foods is only to avoid leaving your teeth coated in a layer of acid forming sugars. Learn more about preventive treatments at Advanced Dental Center by clicking here.

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