Key Elements of Proper Flossing

Each time you visit the dentist for a routine checkup; there is one question that you are persistently commonly: “Have you been flossing regularly?”

Unfortunately, for a lot of patients, the answer isn’t always positive. While there are many people strictly follow the regime of brushing their teeth twice a day, as per the recommendation of American Dental Association (ADA), fewer people tag on the recommendation to floss at least once a day.

Knowing that periodontal disease begins at the gum line and in between the teeth, flossing is an important component of an individual’s oral care practice. Flossing effectively removes plague around areas of the teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach. However, in order to make the most of the flossing technique, some key elements of this procedure must be taken into consideration.

4 Key Elements of Flossing

According to the guidelines laid down by the American Dental Association (ADA), the key elements can be explained in the following 4 steps:

  1. Wind: Begin by winding at least 18 inches of floss around your middle fingers of both hands. Pinch the floss between the thumbs and index fingers, leaving 1-2 inches of its length in between. Now, use your thumb to perform direct flossing between the upper teeth.
  2. Guide: Make certain that you keep around 1-2 inches of floss stretched tight between your fingers. Use your middle fingers to guide the floss between the areas of your lower teeth.
  3. Glide: Tenderly glide the floss in between your teeth in a zigzag direction. However, do not snap the floss in between your teeth. Also, contour the floss on the sides of your teeth.
  4. Slide: Finally, slide the floss in an upward and downward direction over the teeth’s surface and under the gum line. Make sure that you floss each and every tooth using a clean section of the floss.

You can follow the above stated technique for all kinds of flosses: waxed, unwaxed, spongy floss or even dental tape. Regardless of whether you begin with the upper or lower teeth, make sure you floss every tooth, including its back side.

Be Gentle with Flossing

It will take time for you to master the art of flossing; however, it’s important that you perform this technique in a gentle manner. Flossing teeth can result in serious complications if conducted in a poor manner. This is particularly true if you are using an electric flosser. Before flossing your teeth, be certain that you fully understand it or you can even ask your dentist to give you a demonstration.

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