How Many Porcelain Veneer Should I Get?

You look closely at all those pictures from your High School—some of the best memories you’ve had. But wait, there’s that smile again. Crooked, stained or chipped!


Who wouldn’t want the tooth fairy to cast a spell and leave you with dazzling and perfectly pearly white teeth?

Veneers are the answer to your troubles.

How can veneers fix my smile?

Veneers can be designed to change the look of your teeth in terms of color, shape or size. They are a thin and made in the shape of your teeth. They are cemented onto your teeth with dental adhesive.

Veneers give you an instant bright natural looking smile. Often time people who do not want to go through the ordeal of getting braces and waiting for the long procedure can get veneers, which is a relatively shorter procedure. This varies though. Speak with your dentist for details.

So, the real question! How many veneers should I get?

The best person to answer this question is your dentist. It depends from person to person. Some people have smaller smiles which means only a few teeth would show, say 4; while some people have bigger smile and might require up to 7 or 8 veneers.

Let your dentist be the judge of how many veneers you would need but do ask yourself these question.

  • Number of teeth showing when you smile naturally?
  • How much whiter do you wish to get your teeth?
  • Are you satisfied with the shape of your teeth?
  • Are you happy with the size of your teeth?

Once you have answered these questions to yourself, share them with your dentist. A good cosmetic dentist will understand your concerns and should give you all the right answers. Further they will create a treatment plan for you, which shouldn’t take more than 3 sitting and work to revitalize your smile!

Should I or should I not get veneers… Are they even worth-it?

Here is why veneers are absolutely worth-it:

  • You will feel confident instantly. No more feeling shy or hiding away your smile.
  • A definite self-esteem boost.
  • Veneers will last you a long-long time. They are designed to last you for about 10 to 20 years if you maintain your oral hygiene. So a great smile for a long time is worth every minute.
  • Stain resistant! No more worrying about berry ice-creams and bubbly champagnes or that daily dose of caffeine.
  • Your teeth will have a flawless natural feel to it.

Now that you know all about veneers and most importantly its benefits! Are you ready to get that dream smile? Try Advanced Dental Center, our team of professional dentists offers several dental services in Germantown. Just as we are dedicated to providing clinical expertise we also provide passionate patient centered care. Book an appointment at (301) 353-8890.

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