Why People Hate Dentists? (Part 1)

At an event, when a group of people were asked what they hated about the dentist, they said, ‘everything!’ If you are also a dentist hater, we understand you might have your reasons, but we are also willing to bet that it is not really the dentists you hate. It is all the stuff that a dentist does which you hate- the needles, filling, and of course the billing part!

Here we have put together a few common reasons why most people hate the dentist, keep reading:

#1-The Extreme Pain!

What is the number one question through your mind when you are on the leaned chair with all the lights shining at your face at the dentist? It is probably, ‘Is this going to hurt real bad?’ The pain people experience at the dentist’s stands as one of the top reasons why people hate going to the dentist. Your teeth and gums are the most sensitive areas of your body, so the threat of pain here is even more alarming. Many people, who have felt nudges of pain at the dentist in the past, never want to feel anything like that again!

 #2-The Shiny Needle!

One of the biggest dentist phobias for children and adults still remains to be the needle. The concept of using a syringe to inject anesthetics in your gums is upsetting to even imagine! However, proper pain management is absolutely necessary. Majority of dentist-haters don’t understand that they don’t want to imagine the brutal procedures of traditional dentistry and that the anesthetic is just to cut the pain off. What dentists can do here to make patients hate the needle less is to try and make their patients as comfortable as possible.

#3-The Nervousness

The entire sense of apprehension and dread before and throughout the appointment is another reason why people hate dentists. Even if a painful procedure is not involved, all the anxiety behind the threat and fear of pain drains you out. In fact, many people can’t even sleep the night before their appointment, just out of anxiety.

#4-The Drilling

‘There is a drill inside my mouth!’ You are not alone if you fear the earsplitting drill with the spray and everything making weird noises inside your mouth. In fact, many people who don’t have problems with anything else at the dentist despise the drill. However, fortunately all the family dentists in Germantown have the latest drills that are almost silent. The noise does amplify inside your mouth but it is comparatively much smoother to the ones used earlier!

#5- All The Prying

Most of the procedures involved in dentistry are invasive; they are right inside your mouth with shiny metal tools to accompany their hands! For many people, this might feel like invasion of personal space. On the other hand, if the dentist is not careful you could almost feel violated!

These are just a few of the things that people think they hate about the dentists but in reality, it is more about what the dentists do rather than dentistry itself! If you are looking for the best dentist in Frederick Maryland where you won’t really feel like hating anything, be sure to give us a call! Do remember to stay tuned for another few interesting reasons why people said they hate their dentists!

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