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Preventative Dentistry Procedures You Should Know About

Preventative dentistry refers to the dental treatments that are administered for the maintenance of oral health. If you’ve been to the dentist for a checkup, they likely performed a preventative dentistry procedure to keep your oral health intact.

Here’s a short blog on major preventative dentistry procedures you should know about.

1. Oral Exams

Every dental visit begins with an oral exam, but did you know this is a preventative procedure? Dental exams are crucial for determining the state of your mouth. This includes assessing your teeth and gum health and checking for decay or possible infections. If any issue is identified, your dentist will proceed to give you the appropriate treatment.

2. Dental Cleanings And Polish

A preventative procedure that often follows an oral exam is dental cleaning and polish. This involves using special instruments to remove plaque from the surface of the enamel and polish them afterward. Once cleaning is done, your teeth typically look plaque-free and have a healthy shine.

3. Fluoride Application

If your dentist has determined that you’re going through the early stages of oral decay, they might opt for fluoride treatment to restore and rejuvenate your oral health. But you mustn’t try to do this at home yourself because too much fluoride can permanently damage your teeth.

4. Mouth-Guard Fitting

For misaligned teeth and jaws, your dentist might give you a custom mouth guard made by taking bite samples for the perfect fit. This treatment procedure is also a preventative procedure as it might be used to prevent TMJ or bruxism.

5. Sealants

Another preventative dentistry procedure is adding sealants. If the grooves in your molars have gotten too deep, your dentist might place a thin film of plastic on top of them as a cover. This is because bacteria might develop in these dips due to leftover food particles. Sealants prevent those particles from getting trapped in the grooves, ultimately preventing oral decay.


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If you think you need any of these preventative dentistry procedures, pick up the phone and call your dentist. For residents of Germantown, Advanced Dental Care offers an expansive set of general and cosmetic dentistry services, as well as sedation dentistry, bonding, extractions, and sealants, among several others.

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