Root Canal Treatment and Why You Need It

When your tooth nerves become irreversibly damaged, then a root canal treatment is the only procedure that can help you tackle this condition.

Generally, there are multiple causes of root canal damage, some of the most prominent and common ones being:

  • Severe case of tooth decay where the damage has penetrated through the tooth enamel, invading the nerve and pulp in the chambers and root canals;
  • A tooth has been infected critically as a result of ignorance or inadequate cleaning;
  • A chipped or broken tooth has allowed the nerve of the tooth to become vulnerable;
  • The natural process of aging that impacts overall oral health;
  • A past condition that wasn’t treated in a timely manner has evolved into a serious condition requiring root canal treatment.

These treatments have also been known to prolong the life and health of a tooth, because if left untreated, they can result in abscesses and can spread the infection to other teeth, ultimately affecting the mouth as a whole and triggering other dental issues as well.

However, the big question is that how can you or your dentists conclude that you need a root canal treatment? Here are some signs to ascertain that you need this treatment now!

Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment

First of all, it’s important to pay attention to any signs of pain or other symptoms that you have been experiencing for quite some time. Being aware of this crucial information will allow your dentist to come up with a better analysis of your dental condition. These signs include:

Severe Tooth Pain

If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain for an extended period of time, there is a great likelihood that you need a root canal treatment. Typically, this pain is generated due to the nerve being severely infected at the top of the tooth and it is strong enough to disrupt your sleep as well..

Pain Radiation

If the pain is radiating all the way to your ears, jaws and temple areas, then you need a root canal treatment. Furthermore, pain witnessed during chewing or biting food that’s passing down to the other areas is another clear indication.


Sensitivity of teeth to heat is a clear sign that the nerve is being infected and needs to be treated right away. Moreover, not just heat, but sensitivity to cold is also a prominent symptom. While sensitivity is a common issue that cannot always be linked with root canal; a distinguishing factor is that when consuming hot or cold items, the sensitivity keeps lingering on, even in the absence of the stimuli.

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