Sedation Dentistry: All You Need To Know

There are people who avoid dental visits out of fear and anxiety. This, over time, can have serious consequences over the dental health of the individual.

Sedation dentistry is one way to tackle this common concern.

Let’s learn all there is about sedation dentistry.

What Is It?

It is also known as ‘sleep dentistry’ as with the use of medicine the dentist relaxes the patient for the procedure. Depending on the needs of different procedures, the dentist will work through level of sedation like;

  • Minimum Sedation;you are completely relaxed, but awake.
  • Moderately Sedated;It is also known as ‘conscious sedation’. Causes slurry speech
  • Deep Sedation;slightly conscious.
  • General Anesthesia;you are unconscious.

What Makes You Allegeable For Sedation?

  • People with fear or anxiety related to dentist.
  • People who have a lower threshold for pain.
  • People with sensitive teeth, who are highly reactive to the pain.
  • People who move or fidget in the dentist’s chair.
  • People who are getting a long extensive procedure.
  • People who have a gag reflex.

What Are The Different Sedation Technique?

A trained and authorized dentist will administer one of the following techniques according to the requirement of procedure and the patients.

Inhaled Sedation

Sedation is administered by breathing in small amount of nitrous oxide. You will feel relaxed, but remain fully aware of your surroundings. The dentist controls your dosage and the effects of this gas wear off quickly. You can even drive yourself back home after this type of sedation.


This type of sedation is administered by giving a Halcion pill to the patient. Depending on the dosage, the patient becomes slightly aware of his surrounding and may even sleep during the procedure.


Sedation is monitored through an IV. This works more quickly as the drug is exposed directly to the vein.

Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia

Here, you are completely unconscious. The effects wear off slowly and people may even need medication to regain consciousness.

Can Every Dentist Perform Sedation?

Most of the dentist can perform the minimum and moderate level of sedation. Deep sedation and general anesthesia requires certification from Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

Some clinics may hire a dentist anesthesiologist who can sedate children and adults for different procedures.

Safe Or Not?

It is usually safe, but medical history should be checked before administering any kind of sedation. Make sure the dentist uses the right amount according to FDA approval for your age group. Ask for dentist’s experience with sedation techniques and all queries about medication and sedation.

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