Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Clean and Sparkling

As you age, your teeth might appear to look a bit stained and old. However, this is preventable. Avoiding foods that can stain your teeth and ensuring good oral hygiene with regular dental check-ups are some ways to keep your teeth healthy.

In this blog, we’ll list a few tips to keep your teeth sparkling and clean.

1. Change Your Tooth Brush Regularly

Often, people use their toothbrushes to the point where they can no longer be used. However, dentists advise to change your toothbrush every two months instead.

This is because toothbrushes can accumulate bacteria. In that case, putting an old toothbrush in your mouth becomes counterproductive and can cause cavities and gingivitis. Moreover, toothbrush bristles wear out with constant use and can no longer clean out the food particles properly after a while.

Also, make sure you brush gently, at a 45 degrees angle. Try brushing in circles, instead of going back and forth.

2. Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

A healthy diet is important for your oral health. Smoking and drinking black tea in excessive amounts can stain your teeth. Dark juices and colas with carbonated soda can also cause stains and cavities. Avoid all of these or brush immediately after consuming any of them to keep your teeth sparkling and clean.

A person brushing their teeth


3. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional technique used around the world to improve oral health and hygiene. You’ll need to swish oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes to remove the bacteria that causes plaque and makes your teeth stained.

Any oil can be used for oil pulling, but people usually prefer coconut oil and sunflower oil. It’s a safe practice and has no known side effects.

These are some of the tips that can help you keep your teeth clean and sparkly. If your teeth are stained, you can visit Advance Dental Center in Germantown, MD. We offer cosmetic dentistry services to ensure your teeth look sparkling and in shape to give you the perfect smile. Moreover, we also offer dental implants, dental veneers, and more. Contact us now to learn more about our cosmetic and family dentistry services!

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