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Why Replacing a Missing Tooth Is Important?

According to multiple studies, a person’s smile is one of the most noticeable features of their face. People with a set of white teeth complimenting their smile appear more attractive, polite, educated, confident, and approachable.

However, the benefits of having a full set of teeth are not limited to your appearance and self-confidence. Instead, your missing tooth can affect the functionality of your oral cavity and lead to bone loss.

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How Do People Usually Lose Teeth?

  • Old age
  • Accidents
  • Dental or periodontal diseases

Why Replacing a Missing Tooth Is Important

Cosmetic Reasons

As mentioned above, having a full set of health teeth can affect your self-confidence and positively impact the way others view you.

When you are perceived as confident, educated, and approachable, you have a better shot at getting good jobs, better decision power, and being socially accepted.

To Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the connected jawbone loses its purpose and is no longer stimulated. As a result, the body begins absorbing the jawbone’s bone tissue which is later used to strengthen other bones in the body.

Eventually, with the loss of the tooth and jawbone tissue, the overall shape of the person’s face might change. If a dental implant is added to the oral cavity on time, this can prevent jawbone loss.

To Retain Dental Function

The primary purpose of your teeth is to help you chew and break down your food. When a person loses multiple teeth, they struggle with chewing hard food items. This disability can negatively impact the person’s diet, leading to a lack of nourishment.

When you get dentures or dental implants on time, the oral cavity is able to retain its primary function, which ensures that they are able to eat healthy, without negative changes to their diet.

To Protect the Exposed Gum

When an otherwise healthy tooth comes out during an accident, it leaves behind open blood capillaries and exposed gum tissue. This wound is exposed to bacteria in the air, which can cause an infection. If left untreated, this has dire consequences.

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Bonus Denture Care 101: How to Extend the Performance and Life of Your False Teeth

  • Brush them regularly with a mild toothpaste
  • Switch to a soft-bristled brush
  • If possible, remove them at night
  • Handle the removed dentures with care

Visit professional Germantown dentists immediately if you think something’s wrong

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