4 Steps to Install a Dental Bridge

install a dental bridge

Do you have missing teeth? Dental bridges are an effective solution to literally bridge the gap between missing teeth. With the support of dental implants or healthy adjacent teeth, a dental bridge fills in the gap of your missing tooth with a dental crown. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a dental bridge.

Step 01: Assessment

If you want to get a dental bridge, the first step is to visit a dentist for an initial assessment and consultation. The dentist will look at your teeth and gums and advise you on the best course of action for your unique dental condition. Once you have cleared all the tests, the dentist will give you the green light and schedule an appointment to install a dental bridge.

Step 02: Teeth Preparation and Temporary Bridge Placement

The dentist will start the procedure by numbing the area and removing the decay. They will then shape the adjacent teeth (also known as abutment teeth) to create support for the dental bridge. While doing so, the dentist will take an impression or scan of your teeth and send it to the lab. Note that the impression will be used to create the final prosthetics. The dentist will also select dental crowns that perfectly match the natural color of your teeth

The dentist will then fabricate a temporary dental bridge and will install it in order to protect the abutment teeth until the final dental bridge is ready. During this period, you will be asked to follow strict hygiene and dietary guidelines.

Step 03: Permanent Bridge Placement

Once the final prosthetic is ready, the dentist will call you to install a dental bridge. The dentist will start by carefully removing the temporary dental bridge and will dab your gums with a topical anesthetic. This will help in numbing the discomfort of the anesthetic injection. The dentist will then remove the temporary dental cement and will clean the area before installing the permanent dental bridge prosthetic.

The dentist will ask you to take a bite, and if you are satisfied with the appearance, they will only apply dental cement to permanently install a dental bridge. This is a crucial step, and you will have to be patient as the dentist applies cement on the abutment teeth to firmly attach the dental bridge. They will then ask you to continuously bite until the cement has dried.

After a few minutes, the dentist will clean the excess cement, polish the bridge, and will ask you to have a final look at the newly attached dental bridge.

Step 04: Follow-Up

Post-treatment care and a follow-up appointment are very important to ensure that the dental bridge procedure is successful. This teaches the patient how to take care of the dental bridge and what to expect in the future. During the follow-up appointment, the dentist will also recommend oral care products and will give you advice for the care and maintenance of the dental bridge.

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