Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Save Your Baby’s Teeth

Long term and frequent exposure to sugar containing liquids can cause baby bottle tooth decay in babies. These liquids are not limited to but include soda, milk, fruit juices, soda and formula besides other sweetened drinks. When the sugars from these start to pool around the baby’s gums and teeth, the bacteria in plaque flourish as they feed on them. Each time an infant is made to consume a sweet drink, these bacteria produce acid that then attack his or her gums and teeth. Frequent and recurrent attacks can trigger tooth decay.

Kids who are breastfed for extended periods of time or are habitual of sucking on syrup or honey dipped pacifiers or suckers, are vulnerable to baby bottle tooth decay. That’s because these fluids can make way for cavities when they are left in the baby’s mouth overnight.

Teeth that are severely decayed are usually extracted by dentists. Kids who lose their teeth too early in life end up developing poor speech and eating habits. Kids who have healthier baby teeth usually have healthier permanent teeth as well.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

1. Brushing

When your infant starts getting his first teeth, put some consideration into taking extra care of them. Use a small, soft toothbrush with a kid friendly tooth paste to brush your baby’s teeth and mouth twice every day, especially before bedtime. This will ward off any chances of tooth decay.

2. Wiping the gums after you’ve fed the baby

If your baby hasn’t grown any teeth till now, the best way to keep his mouth clean is to use a damp soft piece of cloth to wipe your baby’s gums. Make it a habit after you feed your baby as it will help in removing any bacteria that may end up damaging his/her gums. It will also help in preventing sugars from getting trapped between the infant’s gums, cheeks and lips.

3. Regular Checkups

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advise that an infant’s parents should take him to the dentist after his first tooth starts emerging. A professional dentist will be able to detect initial signs of tooth decay.

Usually on such appointments, dentists educate the parents on how they should take care of their baby’s teeth at every developmental stage. Looking for a dentist for your baby? Visit us today. We are experts in taking care of those baby teeth. We ensure patient safety throughout the sterilization process!

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