What Do Your Teeth Reveal About Your Overall Health?

What Do Your Teeth Reveal About Your Overall Health?

When you have a dental cavity, chronic tooth pain, tooth decay, or decolorization, it is easy to assume that poor dental hygiene or the consumption of certain foods may be causing this.

While it is true that lack of oral hygiene and consumption of high amounts of sugar or caffeine can negatively impact a person’s dental health, they are not the only reasons.

As a matter of fact, Advanced Dental Center’s dentists suggest that multiple health issues can lead to a decline in a person’s dental health.

To learn more about how the condition and health of your teeth can reveal a lot about your overall health, keep reading.

Four Things Your Dental Health Can Reveal About Your Overall Health

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1. Decaying Tooth Enamel Can Indicate Eating Disorders

If your friends or family members have clear signs of decayed and damaged tooth enamel, it might be wise to ask them about any eating disorders they might be struggling with.

When people have an eating disorder, especially bulimia, they develop a habit of inducing vomit after every meal they consume. This is done to expel the food before it can add to a person’s body weight.

As people vomit out the food contents, they also expel huge amounts of hydrochloric acid from their stomachs. As a result, the corrosive acid starts dissolving the layer of enamel surrounding their teeth.

This is just one example, of course, but it’s an indicator of how your dental health can reveal a lot about your body.

2. Sudden Tooth Loss Can Be the Result of Osteopetrosis

Osteopetrosis is an extremely common disease that impacts a person’s bone density. This disease tends to progress very quickly and causes loss of bone tissue, resulting in a weakened skeletal structure and a higher risk of breakages and fractures.

If someone loses one or more teeth without being of age or having gotten into an accident, this should never be taken lightly as it can be a direct indication of osteopetrosis.

3. Pale Gums Can Indicate Anemia

In general, blush pink gums indicate good oral and body health. If your gums are very light pink and seem evidently pale, you might want to visit your family doctor, as you might have anemia.

4. Tooth Loss Can Indicate Kidney Diseases

Finally, if osteopetrosis is not the reason for your sudden tooth loss, you should have your kidneys examined.

In general, people with kidney diseases have compromised immunity and frequent tissue inflammation. If the inflamed tissue is a part of the gum, it can result in tooth loss.

Final Thoughts – Book an Appointment for Dental Care Germantown

While people assume that poor dental health is only due to poor oral hygiene, your dental health reveals a lot about how you’re taking care of yourself..

If your teeth are rotting or you have constant bad breath, you need to pay a visit to your dentist, and then schedule an appointment with your doctor if there are further issues that you need to address.

To book an appointment with a Germantown dentist and ensure you take care of your dental health, visit our website or give us a call at (301) 353-8890!

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